Hello, thank you for taking some time to learn about me.  My name is Kara; born and raised small town Colorado girl, unsure of what I wanted in life, I accepted a position as a front desk clerk at a local insurance agency which has led to a successful career in the industry.  Almost 30 years later I still wasn't fulfilling my passion.

I became a mom at the age of 18; affording me the opportunity to mature rather quickly. I welcomed my second child at the age of 22 all while dealing with an emotionally unstable relationship with their father. After Several failed marriages, the tragic loss of my brother and turning 40 I made the choice to invest in my physical health which at the time was my outlet to many stressors in life.  This was the start of my passion to inspire others through group fitness instructing.

Fast forward to 2020 when the world turn upside down and my fitness routine was shattered.  I replaced that time with walking and listening to podcasts; I am forever grateful as I found my new passion for life coaching.  Another form of inspiration for others only this time from a mental aspect.

Through the many phases of my life it has been challenging yet rewarding to look back on my growth.  Investing in my personal life coach was one of the best decisions I could have made during this time. Experiencing the amazing outcomes that come from the work, I am excited to share it with others.

I am a certified life coach in addition to being a certified spin and yoga instructor.  

I invite you to schedule your free consultation today to start your empowered journey through all the different phases of your life.